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Friday, July 31, 2009

Spiritual Quotient and Spiritual Intelligence

Spiritual Quotient (SQ) and Spiritual Intelligence (SI) Are Comparatively New Fields
  • Spiritual quotient and spiritual intelligence are not the part of scientific terminologies yet. They may become some day.
  • Clinical definition of SI or SQ is not available. Yet, there is a growing understanding of these two terms (SI and SQ) among many and they believe that these exist.
  • We hear lots of these terms frequently: spiritual intelligence, spiritual quotient, spiritual relation quotient, soul's intelligence, cosmic intelligence, self-actualization etc.
  • Human being's interest ever multiplies in both the directions: the scientific and empirical.
  • It will be interesting to explore this subject of SI and SQ.

Finer Is Stronger

  • We think muscles are powerful because with them we can lift heavy weights.
  • But come to think of it, they are not because it is the tiny thread like structures called neurons that give power to muscles. The moment we disconnect the neurons in the brain from muscles, the muscles just can't function.
  • These neurons actually bring the power from something still finer- thoughts and perhaps, something more fine.
  • So, the greatest power lies in fine and not in coarse.
  • SQ and SI are those finer things.

........ Now It Is SQ

  • All along it was IQ that was thought to be supreme- the cognitive and rational intelligence.
  • Then came the concept of emotional intelligence (EI) and emotional quotient (EQ) some time during mid 1990s. It was thought that our emotions and those of others and how to manage them were as important or even more important. EQ was thought to be the basic requirement for better use of IQ.
  • It is known that if the brain areas with which we feel get damaged, we would think less effectively.
  • And lately, we have added a new dimension to human intelligence- the SQ. It is considered to be the ultimate intelligence.
  • It is believed that it is through SQ that we are in a position to solve the issues related with meaning and value.
  • Some examples of the issues related to meaning and value are the constant search of human beings for answers to the fundamental and ultimate questions like: Why was I born? What is the meaning of my life? Does my work give me the satisfaction I need? Do I relate to myself and to the other people well? What way am I contributing to my and others' happiness? Should I go on even when I am tired or depressed? What makes it all worthwhile?
  • Answers to such questions lead us to happiness and SQ helps to answer these questions better than what IQ and EQ in their separate capacities are capable of.
SQ Defined
  • IQ + EQ = SQ
  • Human beings are different from animals and computers because of SQ. Animals can have EQ and computers can have IQ but they won't have SQ.
  • SQ is all about holistic approach to life: the wholesomeness, self-awareness, compassion, creativity, ability to think, ability to reason out etc; all of this together.
  • SI equips us to look at and solve the problems of meaning and value and then we begin to direct our thoughts, actions and so, our lives towards wider and meaningful horizons.
  • With SI or SQ, we can distinguish more clearly the right from the wrong. It empowers us to compare various life paths.
  • SQ is the foundation on which should lie our IQ and EQ.
  • SI is ultimate intelligence.
Three Psychological Processes
  1. Primary process EQ: based on associative neural wiring in the brain.
  2. Secondary process IQ: based on serial neural wiring in the brain.
  3. Tertiary process SQ: based on third neural system in the brain, the synchronous neural oscillations that unify and integrate the data across the brain. The process facilitates interactions between emotions and logic. Thus it provides a meaning giving center.

SQ Should Not Be Confused With Religion

  • There is no correlation that religious people have to have high SQ or non-religious people have to have low SQ.
  • While conventional religion is set of beliefs, rules and guidelines imposed from external environment, SI (SQ) is the intelligence that rests internally and if used, provides us that wisdom which is beyond any ego and which recognizes the existing values and empowers us with creativity to discover even new values.

Some Early Scientific Evidence

After early 1990s, some research has been carried out by neuropsyhchologists and neurologists. They propagate existence of "God spot" in the human brain. This built-in spiritual center is located among neural connections in the temporal lobes of the brain. Taking scans using positron emission topography, it was found that these neural areas light up whenever the research subjects were drawn to the discussions on spiritual topics. However, "God spot" has nothing to do with proving the existence or non-existence of God.

Indicators of High SQ

  • Self-awareness
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Ability and capacity to face, use and transcend pain and suffering.
  • Vision
  • Values
  • Wisdom not to harm or hurt others and self
  • Holistic approach and views
  • Appetite for seeking answers to fundamental questions by using "why" and "what if"
  • Courage to work against conventions if necessary.

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